IT-aided Green Office

OData support
Horváth Zoltán
Department of Networked Systems and Services


Green IT (green IT or green computing) is a trendy expression nowadays with the main goal is energy saving in many area of business life, and it makes a new target with taking indirect effect on decreasing dangerous impact on environment. The green IT includes a very wide area of informatics industry. The whole spectrum from anomalies of using Internet over the change of companies infrastructures with focusing on energy and cost savings to problem of recycling and powering bigger and bigger amount of ending devices are sold.

More and more people spend their time at the office. Being popular working at office, devices needed at office become more interesting (office machine, paper, furniture). It’s very important function to organize the industry with environmentally approach. The increasing need for environmentally products can be waited, if their long-time economic benefits of savings become popular, which can be meant as payback of their bigger starting price. As the environmental problems become more serious there is a required condition, that economizing the environmentally resources at the office and in everyday.

The target of my degree work is determining that how the informatics can make the office environment more „green” either with using devices optimal and green or at the field of administration. In my essay, I am going to a look at the aspects of energy savings can be realized, the interactions between the nature and informatics industry to make our IT devices „more green”. I will suggest some opportunities for optimizing the paper based storing and realizing the efficient waste management for devices are used at the office. And the last part of my essay I will present a Green Office conception.


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