Development of an Extension Card for the Infoware MAB3 RTU System

OData support
Kovács Viktor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The MAB RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) of Infoware Inc. is a modular system

developed primarily for power control applications. My task was to develop the

hardware of an extension card in a communication unit of this system. The main task of

the card is to facilitate communication between multiple external cards and the internal

bus of the unit through various physical interfaces.

My card design is based on a microcontroller unit and a CPLD. The internal

peripherals of the microcontroller handle the external serial comunication on one side,

while the communication on the bus is handled in three main way. Access to a dual-port

RAM is provided within the shared address space on the bus, a high-speed Ethernetconnection

is available for fast communication, and the CPLD handles other special


The aim of this extension card was to handle most physical interfaces in use at

the company using a single board. The physical interfaces can be realised as separate

modules connected by internal connectors to the card. A large variety of interfaces can

be configured using this card.


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