Development of infra heat source for controlling wet chemical processes

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Dr. Hurtony Tamás József
Department of Electronics Technology

Since the millennium electronic devices are getting more and more important in our life. To ensure their reliable operation, effective inspection methods are needed. Some of these methods require the decapsulation of the integral circuits.

In my thesis I cover the different decapsulation methods in detail, and describe their advantages and disadvantages, especially for the wet chemical method used by the ETT department.

Based on the findings of the technical literature I designed a device which is capable of influencing the temperature parameter of wet chemical processes with the help of an infrared lamp. I choose an ideal microcontroller and I presented the design steps of the different modules (the power controller, thermometer, communication and the user interface). A crucial part of this task is to implement non-contact temperature measuring, as during the process highly corrosive acids are used, making any other measuring method unfeasible, but proper control is not possible without temperature feedback.

Taking the needs of the end-user into account, I have designed and implemented the program which runs on the microcontroller, then conducted test measurements with the finished prototype of the equipment, on separate and panel mounted parts. I also share some details about the main difficulties of getting the non-contact temperature measurement working in the prototype and the solutions to these problems.


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