Investigating infra-red soldering oven with experimental approach

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Dr. Géczy Attila
Department of Electronics Technology

Soldering plays a vital role in assembling printed circuit boards (PCB-s). Probably this is the most important part of the process due to the possibility of several faults during the process. In my research I give a quick overview of the individual steps of PCB assembly, especially of the reflow soldering. During my work I used an infrared (IR) reflow soldering oven, therefore I make an outlook to the IR heat transfer method also give a detailed description of the used device’s hardware and software. I also made a market research to compare the current desktop reflow ovens.

The main goal of my thesis was to examine the Euro Circuit (eC-reflow-mate) reflow soldering oven, its functionality and quality of work done from several approaches. I carried out thermal profile tracking and repeatability tests and analyzed the oven’s heat transfer properties at different points of the process area. I also examined the effect of the coupling heat sensor’s positioning on the test board.

Based on my research findings I made a recommendation to the Department of Electronics Technology of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics how to modify the laboratory practice syllabus of the Electronics technology course as the students will use the eC-reflow-mate oven to study the soldering process.


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