Property search service with POI information

OData support
Paróczi Zsombor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Nowadays, the real estate market is increasingly emphasized, from the builders to the undertenants, more and more actors are forced to follow the subject thoroughly to expand their knowledge. Since property prices are determined not only by their size and condition, but also by their immediate vicinity, it is important that we are in possession of this information.

My thesis is therefore designed to create a web application that lets people easily discover the nearby services while browsing real estate, making it easier for them to make decisions.

In the first chapter I talk about the field and it's importance today, furthermore I am presenting the shortcomings of the existing property pages. In the following section, I will explore the possibilities of map-based information recovery.

In the third chapter, I review the technological knowledge required to create a web application, and then describe the steps of planning, including functional details and user interface design.

I also present the steps of the development with some code snippets for easier comprehensibility, and with different screenshots to show features.

In the sixth chapter, I write about the testing results of the application and scaling options.

In the last chapter, I summarize my work and mention the further development opportunities.


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