Develop real estate web application on ASP.NET Core platform

OData support
Gincsai Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

During my diploma thesis I learnt how to use different technologies and

frameworks such as ASP.NET Core , HTML, CSS, Entity Framework. First I wrote

down the functions which I wanted to implement and the datas that I wanted to display

in each function. Based on these datas I designed my database. Then I looked at several

real estate sites online as to What design and features(javascript) are used to make users

life much easier. After the research, I made user interface designs for the most important

functions with balsamiq mockup. By designing the database and the user interface in

advance, I have eliminated lot of bugs and errors at the beginning. After the design

phase the implemention phase came, I created the database and started to write

controllers and the views. The functions were built on each other so I had to implement

the function in order: register->login->add advertisement->search advertisement. I have

put more emphasis on the functionality of the web application than on the design.

The program I written meets all the requirement of a basic real estate website.

There is a basic multi-role authorization, the user can add advertisement , delete

advertisement, search in advertisements, entrust.real estate, rate real estate and lot more.


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