Integration Testing of an Incremental Graph Search Framework

OData support
Dr. Ráth István Zoltán
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The subject of my thesis is the integration testing of the EMF-IncQuery graph search tool, which is based on the Eclipse Platform. This tool is used for model driven software development purposes and built up from several components (e. g. different viewers and additions, the query engine). The scope of my thesis is the testing of graphical user interface components.

I had started my work with collecting of the existing test cases of EMF-IncQuery. Because of the lack of graphical interface tests, I decided to search for GUI testing applications. I had examined some thesis based on this topic and tried the brand new RCP Testing Tool.

Before creating test cases, it was necessary to collect graphical user interface components and interactions of the EMF-IncQuery. Based on this feature set, I have planned and implemented a set of tests with the RCP Testing Tool.

During my work, I made these test cases available for continuous integration environment. I had two opportunities for this, so I tried both of them and I made a conclusion which is the better, then I continued my work with this scenario.

In the end of my thesis, I summarize my work and analyse the achieved code coverage improvements. I also make some suggestions on how to improve the integration testing solution in the future.


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