Design of integrated CMOS temperature sensor

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Dr. Takács Gábor
Department of Electron Devices

Thanks to the gradual decrease of size and the integration which leads beyond More's law more and more circuit blocks can be implemented into a single silicon die in case of SoC (System on Chip) systems. Besides digital units analog and RF (radio frequency) circuits, memories and MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System) structures can be found as well. The elements of the circuit are in a strong thermal coupling because of the common substrate they share, thus it is very important to map and investigate the thermal leading paths during the design and in case of already manufactured devices in order to increase the reliability. To complete these task it is necessary to know the accurate temperature of the integrated circuit.

In my essay I am going to introduce the design steps of an analog integrated circuit. The temperature of the silicon die can be accurately ascertained with the help its help.

In my thesis thermal sensor solutions can be found in the literature will be introduced, then one of them most suitable to the application will grant the base of the design. The circuit was designed to integrated circuit technology with the use of Cadence IC 6.1.5 circuit design system on a 0.35μm minimal feature sized technology provided by Austria Microsystem.

The correct operation of the circuit derived this way was proven by simulations, especially paying attention to minimize the deviations originated in technological distortion. The circuit derived from the design is well scalable.


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