Design of integrated equalizer circuit on CMOS technology

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Dr. Bognár György
Department of Electron Devices

In the thesis I have designed an integrated analog CMOS equalizer (EQ). The design was preceded by literature search, which aimed to overview the terminology and features related to the EQs.

In the first part of the thesis, after the literature search, I expound the structure of the chosen graphic EQ, whose key element is the series resonant circuit, which is responsible for the passband transfer characteristic of the EQ. From the components of the series resonant circuit the resistor and the capacitor are realizable in integrated circuits, but the inductor could be only very low value with bad parameters, therefore usually it is done as simulated inductor. These circuits contain resistors, capacitors and operational amplifiers, and convert the capacitive impedance into inductive with the help of a gyrator. There are several options to implement the simulated inductor, from which I present the most used in practice.

Next I examined the EQ circuit in the thesis. The chosen EQ structure contains several opamps, therefore it is important to determine, what parameters should each amplifiers have. Thus it is advisable to examine the EQ circuit with ideal and modell opamp. During the study the transfer function and the noise of the EQ played prominent role the transfer and the noise of the EQ, as well as the open-loop gain, the bandwidth and the output drive capability of the opamps.

The thesis presents the design of the opamp and the EQ circuit step by step. During the steps of the design I examined the possible solutions, justified each design decisions, finally I verified the correct circuit operation by simulations.


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