Creating an Integrated Development Environment for Model Transformation Systems

OData support
Dr. Ujhelyi Zoltán
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Nowadays during software development usually several different tools and often more programming languages are used in parallel. In order to be able to use these tools together with ease, they need to be integrated into an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). The user can enter, read, or modify data through this IDE.

For the integrated display it is important to show all the information and intervention possibilities in a uniform, consistent way. One way of the integration is to install these tools as plug-ins into an extensible development environment, and then the elements of the graphical user interface can also be built up this way.

Eclipse is an open source development environment in which several tools have already been integrated. In favor of the uniform appearance, all expectations for the graphical user interface are described as recommendations or by giving examples.

In this thesis I evaluated how the VIATRA2 model transformational framework developed at the Department of Measurement and Information Systems complies with the preliminary expectations, how similar it is to other Eclipse based development environments.

During my work, I describe the expected behavior through the examples of two such development environments (Java and Android environment). I compare these to the existing graphical interface of VIATRA2.

As a result of the examination I give suggestions for modification and transformation of the existing graphical interface of the VIATRA2 system. As a result of these modifications the system can fit more consistently in the Eclipse environment enhancing its usability.

Based on the suggestions I develop a plug-in which displays the transformational projects of the VIATRA2 as it is usual in the Eclipse system, and it uses the file handling services of the system.


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