Integrated remote control system auto-update and moduleintegrity control system design and development

OData support
Dr. Csubák Tibor
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

In the field of chemical industry there are several process control technology tasks. In this kind of processes, technology need to be controlled and is some cases monitored as well. The measured data safely storing and processing is important in order to following up, verifying the finished product and also because the safety and security requirements. It is important to set the proper parameters in these kind of processes, such as clearness of producing areas, holding the humidity in an appropriate value or to ensure the parameters for the right operation of producing instruments.

The EFR system (integrated process supervising system) was made for monitoring the processes, that is used for supervising the technology processes in the territory of the chemical industry and it provides integrated supervising and remote monitoring functions.

The EFR 1.0 version was started in 2006 that had numerous problems during the time. In order to eliminate these problems in 2012 the EFR Client development started. My task was to make the EFR Client module that continuously inspects the network connection with the database servers in runtime, furthermore it downloads or refreshes the EFR modules and the subsystem files (for example: schemas, graphic dataviewers) that accessible by the logged in user, besides this it checks the changes of logged in user’s rights and base data. It is important for the users to see the freshest version of the system, and let it available to work with.

The other part of my task was to complete the configuration module with a function that ensure an interface for the modules and subsystem files and the belonging class libraries, and uploading, modifying, deleting files and forms. With this configuration interface, for example system name, right profiles, data tables can be set. The interface gives information from the system and the system affecting changes can be administrated with this.


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