Implementation of intelligent home control with PLC

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Dr. Iváncsy Tamás
Department of Electric Power Engineering

In recent days existential or comfort devices are commonly used in our homes on a daily basis. In regard of comfort, functionality and financial aspects, it is considered more effective to use automated functions in our houses. Such functions are lighting control, temperature control, shutter control, security devices even controlled locally, or remotely.

Even nowadays we have solutions for the automatic control of functions mentioned above, however these solutions are usually too complex and expensive. For the automatic control of a small house, a flat or even one room, the application of a basic PLC device is considered enough. Moreover, such a device is more compact and affordable.

In my thesis I present the most common methods of smart home realization in recent days. I hope I can get to a conclusion where I can decide whether the applications mentioned or the PLC construction is more affordable.

During my work I will use the devices accessible in the laboratory of my university to create a system for control and simulation.

I will use the device from Schneider Electric called Zelio, to assemble a core logical unit, and I will expand it if needed, as the requirements dictate.


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