Design of an intelligent indoor light switch

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Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The purpose of my thesis project is to design and implement the software and hardware architecture responsible for the human-machine interface if an intelligent lighting control system. The smart switch is designed to provide the most comfortable way for the user to control the lighting system, which is getting more and more complex, due to increased energy efficiency and automation.

My task is to develop a smart switch solution, which provides multiple options for configuring the behaviour of the lighting control system. After a short identification process, the system can be controlled through a smartphone application. In the event, that the user is not in possession of a smartphone, they can control the lighting system through a wall-mounted terminal.

In addition to the user-controlled regulation, the system is supplemented by an automated comfort feature, which saves energy, by reducing excess lighting when the room’s motion sensors don’t detect movement for an extended period of time.


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