Using Intelligent Agents in IoT Environments

OData support
Dr. Mészáros Tamás Csaba
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The becoming more and more popular IoT devices providing new possibilities for applications of the intelligent agents. Topic of thesis is to design and implement an intelligent home system with these devices.

My task was to design agents which are able to cooperate with these IoT devices and able to execute intelligent functions, in home environment. I had make the communication between them, by connecting the devices with the cloud based applications.

The part of my task was to create a user interface, which is able to communicate in natural language. Installation of such systems into homes provides comfort for everyone and helps for old or handicapped people. I also learned about technologies, which are able to get informations from the English language, based on predefined grammatical rules. The part of my task was to design and apply that kind of language understanding module. For this, I had to learn voice recognition applications on android platform.

I had to create intelligent functions in this system. For each function, I had to plan the corresponding grammar, so that it can understand the speech of the user about the related topic.

The application is also able to solve more complex tasks, so I build in functions, which can answer our questions about the weather forecast.

The part of the system is to control the lights, which was executed by a Sonoff switch. On this device I had to program a suitable firmware, so I was involved in solving hardware related issues as well.


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