Smart Door with Arduino

OData support
Dr. Fehér Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Nowadays intelligent door systems are beginning to gain popularity in an ever growing rate. In my thesis, I have studied these systems. I explored the most basic components, such as the actual locking mechanism, the different authentication methods and the central component of the system, the microcontrollers. Then I looked into the workings of complete intelligent lock system solutions, both professional and amateur, home-made solutions. I explored the different current usage scenarios for these systems, as well as any possible future applications. Then based on the facts I gathered, I have designed and built an intelligent door system fit for my own needs. It has the capability to unlock the door based on autentication information read from RFID tags, has the ability to add new tags, and delete ones already in use. And in addition to the above, it is capable of logging every event that occurs, through a serial connection to a PC, with the help of a dedicated porgram running on the computer.


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