Design of a demonstration setup for an intelligent indoor lighting system

OData support
Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays network connected devices are becoming more, and more widespread. The literature referring to these devices as IoT, which means 'Internet of Things'. These devices provides us many opportunities to improve our environment's efficiency.

The purpose of my thesis project was to improve an experimental lighting control system, that was developed in previous semesters. The focus of these improvements was the specification, and implementation of various smart lighting control features. To this end, I created a server-side, distributed framework, in which the specified features could be implemented.

In the first chapter of my thesis, I introduce the structure, and elements of the pre-existing system. Next, I discuss the plans for improvements upon the system, divide the main goals of my thesis into smaller components, and discuss their requirements. Afterwards, I delve into the design and implementation of the components, and present the testing process used to verify their operation. Finally, I summarize the products of my work, and make some suggestions for future development possibilities.


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