Smart grid topologies in the distribution network

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Dr. Hartmann Bálint
Department of Electric Power Engineering

It is a common and steady opinion of the experts, that the development of the low and medium voltage distribution networks in electricity systems is heavily being converged toward the smart grids. This network will be basically defined by the opportunity of a two-way communication and data flow, which could provide a significant support in the fields of network improvements and operation. This change-over to smart grids is closely associated with a prolonged procedure, and currently we are only at the first transitional steps.

In my thesis I have analysed the recent arrangements carried out by a Hungarian Network licensee, and I have also considered the potential upcoming steps which are about being achieved to connect to the smart grid. Within the framework of this analysis, I am about to briefly introduce the roles and effects of the mass control, the optional solutions of the network control, and additional potential resolutions. I have investigated the effects of each steps on the quality of the provided electricity, on the plant safety indicators, and on the indexes of the operational contunuity.

Similarly, I have described the pilot projects which are employing smart devices constructed and developed by ELMŰ hálózati Nyrt, and I have also studied their potential continuances.

I have circumstantially analysed the effect of the growth in the distributed generation on the quality of the generated electricity. During this I have monitored a concrete case, in which the feed demand appears at the end of a long, low voltage system, and how it influences the quality of the provided voltage. At the the same time, I have also strived to exemplify the situation, when the demands are not presenting themselves uniformly on each current circuit.

Finally, I have analysed the methods of applications regarding the network development strategies, particularly in the United States of America, and in the developed European countries. I have carried out my disquisitions and explanations in a separate way, with special regards to the reasons of divergencies.


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