Design of intelligent building supervisory system with microcontroller

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Dr. Iváncsy Szabolcs
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The object I proposed in my thesis was to develop and make ready an intelligent building supervisory system based on microcontrollers. The supervisory system is capable of observing all of the electronical equipments in the house and it can put in one’s oar to drive processes if it is necessary. I had to create the central unit and two peripheral devices in my thesis. I was designed a thermometer as an input device and a switcher as an output device which is able to switch 230 Voltage. The devices using wireless data transfer to communicate with each other.

In the first phase of my thesis I briefly expound the aims of this semester, describe the intelligent buildings, and demonstrate the whole system what I had effectuated.

In the second chapter I have described the selected and used parts, which are suitable for achieving the aims what I defined previously.

I am writing about the hardware in the third section. I am demonstrating the structure of the modules with block diagrams, and after that I am describing the schematics and the printed circuit boards.

In the fourth phase I ensure an introspection to the software side of the modules. I am describing the algorythm and used functions running on the central unit and on the peripheral devices.

In the fifth path I expound the parameters what I had to set up in the modules. I am describing the wireless communication processes and I will mention about the methods what I used during the tests of the system.

At the end I am closing my thesis with the verification of the modules, where I am giving full particulars about the test cases and about my results.

In conclusion I am writing about the innovation opportunities of the whole supervisory system with mentioning more peripheral devices and methods to use by controlling the central unit.


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