Design of intelligent building supervisory system with microcontroller

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Dr. Iváncsy Szabolcs
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

More and more electronic and IT companies offer customers so called "smart home systems", therefore studying and examining these systems is very important. You can find these appliances not just in family homes but also different farms use them.

These systems are hard to define exactly, there are only general definitions. The main unit of these systems is the central unit which controls all the peripheral units. Peripheral units consist of sensors and actuators.

In my thesis project I would like to show you how to design, develope, realize and maintain a simple „smart home system”. There is a central unit and a single peripheral unit in my system which interact through radio signals. Both units include a microcontroller that is responsible for controlling the system parameters. In my case the system’s parameters are the temperature and the humidity which are measured by a sensor, controlled by actuators that are connected to the peripheral unit. The user uses the central unit to set the parameters, so it has to contain the user interface. These are an LCD display which displays the information for the control, a keypad, LEDs and buttons.

First of all I show you the main components of the system, then I’ll design the system’s schematic. The next step is to create a printed circuit board both for the central- and the peripherial units from the schematic. Finally I have to develope a software that will run on the microcontrollers and realize the control. Maintenance is also required, so I will develope a PC software that will help to maintain the system through PC connection.


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