Design of intelligent building supervisory system with microcontroller

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Dr. Iváncsy Szabolcs
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The object I proposed in my thesis was to develop and make ready an intelligent building supervisory system, based on microcontrollers with ARM core. The designed supervisory system is capable of observing and measure all of the environemnt factors of the user. The system is also able to control all of the electronical equeipments conencted to the itself to provide the user requested functionality. The developed system has star topology and consists of a central unit, three input pheripheral devices and one output device. As an input device I have created a thermometer, a digital light switcher which can be placed where the user requested, and a user controller which is in the role of the user remote controller. As an output device I have developed a switcher, which is able to switch 230 Voltage. The devices using wireless communication to communicate with each other.

In the first chapter of my thesis I briefly expound the aims of the last two semesters, describe the concept of the intelligent building supervisory system and briefly simmarize my plans about the system what I had to make ready.

In the second phase I have described the selected parts with categorisation and the reasons why I have selected these parts to achieve the aims, what I have defined previously.

In third section of my thesis I am writing about the hardware. I am describing the modules with their own block diagrams, the schematics what I have developed, and finally the printed circuit layouts with the generated manufacturer files.

The fourth phase of my thesis is describing the issues what I have detected during initial hardware testing and measurement. I am also describing the solutions for all of the detected problems.

In the fifth section I am writing about the software developed to control all of the components around. The section expounds the implemented drivers, algorythms and used functions and also gives a summary about the verification methods and used configurations.

Finaly I am closing my thesis with innovation opportunities of the developed supervisory system and giving brief summary about my future plans.


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