Design of intelligent building supervisory system with microcontroller

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Dr. Iváncsy Szabolcs
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

My choice for the Msc final thesis was designing and realizing a wireless building monitorring system. The first part of my paper is about researching the currently available building monitorring systems by differenet distributors. These solutions were examined by their level of integrability. From the gathered knowledge I made a concept for the realization of my own building monitorring system.

The second part of my thesis specifies the steps of the designing and production process in details. Firstly, I stated my reasons for selecting the parts I used in the project. I described the properties of the chosen microcontrollers, sensors and radio moduls. Using the latest technologies was my goal all along from the beginning of the project. That is the reason for choosing SMD parts mostly. I described the properties of the circuit environment required by the SMD parts. The production was carried out at home and I documented the different steps of the process with relevant comments. The main reason for choosing homemade circuits was to gather experience about the whole procedure and to make the project financially more efficient. After the implantation of the parts and testing the circuits the software development could be started. For a starter, the concept of the units’ programs were defined. From architecture point of view the written programs have modular structure. The advantages of the modular structure are the more efficient way of coding and the ability to handle the parts of the software more independently. I wrote more about the program architecture in detail in the relevant chapters of this thesis. After finishing the C code of the central and peripheral units the next step was the software debugging. After the introduction of the basic functions of the demo system I wrote about the development of the PC software.

I closed my thesis with the evaluation of the finished work and listed my thoughts about further system upgrades.


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