Intelligent proccess modell for laboratory practice

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Dr. Pilászy György
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The topic of this thesis is the development process of an embedded system that can function as a Hardware In the Loop simulation environment for the control electronics of washing machines.

Chapter 1 includes:

- the description of the functional units of the product which our instrument is based upon and the tasks of the resulting system’s components;

- the requirements against the model and the specification for the system;

- and the details of the schematic.

Chapter 2 explains:

- the theoretical considerations and practical constraints for the physical model that the core of the software of our system should be, and how the expressions to the used microcontroller are adapted;

- the implementation of the software: the hardware (peripheral) configuration of the microcontroller and the detailed description of the software modules.

Chapter 3 functions as the user documentation of the ready-made card that introduces the interface and behaviour of the instrument and lists the mistakes made during the creative process.

The last chapter, Chapter 4 is a description of a laboratory practice for the BME Department of Control Engineering and Informatics’ subject Project Laboratory.


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