Advanced Call Routing Service in IMS

OData support
Dr. Maliosz Markosz
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The Intelligent Call Routing Service was implemented in IMS system. It offers the optimal supplier from the required service type for a subscriber, according to the environmental conditions.

My intention was to create a framework, that enables users to reach different kind of services irrespectively of the access network, for registered IMS users. In a world, where smart phones became determining components of everyday life, this system could be spread easily among subscribers, hence the services, which could be of public utility or commercial-based could reach the users efficiently.

During the implementation of the system I used OpenIMSCore, which is an open source implementation that includes the basic elements of an IMS Core Network. I connected an application server to the IMS network, which provides the basic functionalities of the redirection service. These functions process the registrations, the incoming calls and messages, and execute the call routing according to pre-set conditions such as the subscriber’s position and the server time. The application server is connected to the remote database server, which stores the available services.

I could successfully manage to connect my system to the OpenIMSCore, therefore connections were set up via the IMS. The database data tables were initialized properly, hereby SQL queries could be executed simple. I also built an administration panel for manipulating the records in a user-friendly way. Inside the application server, logics were implemented appropriate, the requisite functions work well.

Finally I extended an Android-based VoIP client, which transmits the client’s GPS coordinates periodically via the IMS, and it can also download the available services for the user.

Intelligent Call Routing Service was implemented quite generally to enable entirely different scenarios to provide services using this system, hereby it is adequately universal.


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