Intelligent player for a simple 2D jumping game

OData support
Eredics Péter
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

The main goal of this thesis is to implement a simple two dimensional environment, where diverse agents can move around based on a few rules, then to implement various agents with different main algorithms, which can reach the finish withoud any outside help. One important requiement is that the agents can’t „cheat” so that the simulator (program of the environment) checks every move.

After the simulator is finished, another goal is to implement diverse agents which can „solve” the game, so they can reach the goal from the spawn point. Then these algorithms can be compared to each other based on two point of view: complexity (e.g. time complexity, use of memory, or lenght of source code/implementation time); and quality of the path they found (e.g. did it find any path, if yes, is it the fastest path, or what is the relative lenght of the path compared to other algorithms).

At the end, the thesis compare the implemented algorithms with each other, using time complexity and the lenght of the route they found.


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