Development of an intelligent catch indicator for fishing

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Dr. Kiss Bálint
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

Nowadays in our modern world, more and more smart devices are developed, among them fishing devices. With the use of smart devices in fishing, the can should pay less attention to watch the rods, so he can better connect with nature. In my thesis the construction and the implementation of an intelligent bite alarm for feeder fishing is described. The currently available feeder bite alarms are mounted on the end of the fishing rod, which needs more effort from the user and only emit a light or a sound signal to the fishing man who has to be nearby. Theese bitealarms are prone to signaling a bite because of wind or waves or not signaling a bite at all. In my thesis the featured intelligent bite alarm is based on two pressure sensors, which are placed in the pole stand. The user can set the sensitivity of the bite alarm by a smart phone, which emits light and sound signal on the pole stand and sound signal with vibration on the mobile device to notify the user. With the right sensitivity settings the bite alarm can filter out the wind and the waves and the user does not have to watch the rods all day. The finished device worked properly during the tests.


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