Design of an Intelligent Switch for Controlling Traditional Light Fixtures

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Dr. Hamar János Krisztián
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Home automation, especially light automation is currently one of the most promising fields of consumer electronics. Over a few years, the marginal market of motion sensing lights, remote-controlled garage doors and temperature-regulated climate control systems evolved into a prosperous industry.

The growth of the demand attracted many renowned companies from the field of lighting and consumer appliances, and several similar products appeared on the shelves at an affordable price point. However, since the technology is still in its infancy, the available lighting systems have their initial drawbacks.

The choice of the products are limited in comparison with the traditional LED, CFL and incandescent light source market; moreover, the price of these smart devices are several times higher than that of their traditional counterparts. Because of the lack of a widespread industry standard, the devices from different manufacturers are usually incompatible, or only partially working together. This leads to tying the customer to a given brand and product line.

This paper provides a solution for the above-mentioned issues by presenting a novel method for economically making the existing home lighting fixtures intelligent. A smart light switch will be designed and fabricated, which is able to take over the role of a traditional wall switch, while providing new features to the existing lighting system.

Besides its original function, the completed device can control the brightness level of the connected light fixtures. With the help of the accompanying mobile application, the instantaneous power and the long-term energy consumption can also be monitored over Bluetooth connection.


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