PV System Planning for a Smart Home

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Dr. Kiss Péter
Department of Electric Power Engineering

The proliferation of renweable technology provides the background of residental energy production. This usually means solar panels placed on the roof or wind turbines in the backyard that are highly depend on the weather conditions. For this reason, their production rate is very stochastic, which is unprofitable for the user and the electrical grid, as well.

In my Master’s thesis, I examined the backgrounf of power demand and power production in a building eguiped with photovoltaic system. I described the theory and the practice in both cases. For the demand side I took a closer look on modell designing methods then I detailed Remocede research. In case of the production side, I explored the infulencing factors in solar radiation, later I give a short insight to utilization of solar energy and its history. On either side I created my own simulation in Matlab environment, based on the theory. Detailed description about the opreation an results of the srcipts were also given. Finally I closed my work with desribing some practical fact about the photovoltaic system design process such as additional electrical circuit elements and devices. As a conclusion, to confirm my simulation, I put them togerhet to provied a possible numeral output for my PV system in a year-long period, which allows further developments.


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