Intelligent elevator passenger information system

OData support
Lazányi János Gyula
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

My theme was to design the central unit for elevator passenger system. I make an audiovisual innovation for most of the elevator. The notion was to be applicable most of elevator electric without major changes. I use the seven segment display to decode the actual floor. This display can be found in most of elevator. I have made two versions, the first was not a good choice because the microcontroller hasn’t got enough resource. The second version can use all of peripheries in the same time connection.

All inputs are isolated with optocoupler and these inputs are polarity impendent. The sound files are stored on a memory card (SD card). The audio is stored in wav format without compression. I use GSM network, to make emergency call. I use a GSM module and communicating it with AT command. To configurate the GSM module I used SMS and we can check all of the information on the LCD display about the GSM setup. We can check there more information about the system, for example which is the last scanned floor. I used a TFT module, this module has custom programming language. This module can show visual information, different pictures and animations.

The first chapter I introduce the system specification. In the following two chapters, I write about the hardware and software design. In the next chapter I introduce the redesigned system and the hardware design. Then I write about the GSM module communication and then the TFT module system.


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