Intelligent beehive monitoring system

OData support
Kardos Gergely
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

My thesis is about the development of an intelligent beehive monitoring system which is a kind of device that can be integrated into hives to be able to collect data remotely. Collectible data can be for example temperature and relative humidity values or the mass of the beehive. The measurement results will be transfered to a remote server by wireless data connection. The device can be used in scientific or agricultural applications in the future. In this MSc thesis, I introduce first a system overview which will be followed by a detailed step by step description of the hardware designing procedures. It consists of component selection process and both schematic and printed circuit board design. Afterwards I give a description about the used development environment and tools, the software arhitecture and the implemented software components, algorithms and logics. Finally I present the results of the testing procedures. I will also make some suggestions for further improvement of the system.


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