Intelligent Data Acquisition board design with Zynq chip

OData support
Dr. Koller István
Department of Networked Systems and Services

The subject of the thesis is based on one of the previous prepared PCIe/104 form factor industrial measurement data acquisition card design. On the new card Spartan6 FPGA is replaced with the Zynq XC7Z030 SoC, which nowadays is unique on the market. Xilinx designed a new chip, which contains the processing unit as well as the programmable logic. This two in one chip chipscale is as big as the previous used FPGA even so the number of the cells are triple, that’s why the Zynq is able to solve more tasks than the old chip.

The redesigned measurement data acquisition card with the unique chip is able to run standalone. The board can communicate with a remote partner throw Ethernet line, that’s why the measured data can be retrieved at any time. The measured data can be saved to the micro SD card too. On the board USB port is available for development purposes. For the standalone run the card could boot from the micro SD card or over Ethernet.

The task is to get information on the new Zynq and to design the circuit diagrams and the PCB layout in the Mentor Graphics Expedition Enterprise environment.


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