Intelligent tournament broadcasting and handling system for board games

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Dr. Szűcs Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

In this thesis a system is presented, which offers go game broadcasting over the internet. Main feature of the system is that instead of using the simple videostreaming method, it processes the images provided by a webcam. It recognizes the game positions, records them in a standard file format and sends them to the server. On the server side the games can be followed in realtime. After the game is over, it is archived and remains available for watching. Firstly the basic image processing techniques and a similar solution about position recognition are introduced. Afterwards the system is described, including the details of the server side and the client side. As part of the client side, the used image processing method is detailed in a separate chapter showing each step. Then the results of a system test are presented, which was mainly executed to check the robustness of the game position recognition. At the end of the thesis a summary is presented along with recommendations for further development.


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