Smart Metering

OData support
Dr. Szabó Sándor
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Nowadays one of the main focus areas in Research and Development is smart metering. More and more countries are introducing their own solutions for the task, as automated reading of data has tremendous adventages over the current methods. An industrial need is getting stronger for a solution also in Hungary, because of the European Union directives.

The goal of this thesis is to build an intelligent metering system which uses energy efficient wireless protocol for communicating among the nodes of the sensor network.

In my thesis I give a brief intoduction about the available protocols and microcontrollers, analyze their pros and cons, then provide an own protocol as a new solution for the problem. Morover, I provide the possibility for sending control messages in the opposite direction, which, for example can turn off faulty consumers. All this is implemeted by a wireless technology, which enables as less power consumptions for communication, that the sensor is operable with a pair of batteries for years.

Possible applications areas of the system: metering of gas, electricity, water consumption in a remote and scalable way. The solution is operable in villages, sparsely populated areas and also in blocks of flats in cities.


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