Smart metering system simulation and security analysis

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Dr. Szabó Sándor
Department of Networked Systems and Services

Nowadays smart metering systems are gaining more space in research and development areas. These systems have considerable advantages over currently applied methods. Besides more countries of the world are developing or introducing their own solution for this challenge. This kind of solution is also getting more attention by some industrial sectors in Hungary, as the European Union obligates the introduction of the system.

The aim of this thesis is to inspect an already developed wireless smart metering system’s communication protocol by simulation, and solve security problems, that occur during communication.

In my thesis I review currently used communication and rooting protocols in wireless sensor networks, and the security mechanisms applied to them. I implement the smart metering protocol chosen by my consultant in a chosen simulation environment, and demonstrate it’s functioning by test scenarios. Moreover I develop security solutions for the communication of the simulated protocol. The simulation enables to analyze the functioning of the protocol in detail, and discover possible flaws. The developed security solutions can avoid the effects caused by attackers, regarding the communication of the system.


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