Investigation of Intelligent Mobile robots with Obstacle Avoidance Using Fuzzy Signature

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Dr. Kóczy László Tamás
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The market of a cooperative mobile robot is presently limited but is expected to increase rapidly due to the decrease in the availability of workforce and technological environments. Currently, cooperative robots are mostly used in a factory warehouse, but in the near future, the multi-robot system would be used in hospitals, shopping malls, and banks, etc. It is obvious that these cooperative intelligent robots should have a strong and robust communication channel, over which these robots can communicate with each other. Due to the availability of a large amount of data from the sensors mounted on the surface, these robots should have a fast algorithm to process this data and find a suitable solution for the path planning to avoid collision not only with the obstacle but as well as with other robots.

This thesis briefly discussed the technology behind the robot, different parts of the robot, the working operation of cooperative robots, and the use of fuzzy logic to build a control strategy of the robot. Moreover, the present status of fuzzy signatures and the fuzzy situational maps are also studied and its importance in the field of the robot is discussed. In end, working off the supporting robot with the main robot is also observed.

To accomplish this task, a factory warehouse is modeled with V-rep simulation software. The main parameters include communication of the main robot with the secondary robot and obstacles that may come in the path of the robot. Furthermore, simulation has been run to calculate the distance between the main robot and box which has to move, and the required force to push the box from its original position to the target position. Finally, the analysis of results has been made to acquire the possible difficulties that occur in the movement of the box and communication between the two robots.


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