Intelligent Plant Care

OData support
Dr. Fehér Gábor
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Smart tools are increasingly popular because these are making our life more comfortable. That is why I decided to give those who do not know exactly how to take care of their plants a hand with a special device.

In my thesis that is in accordance with the assignments, I made a sensor which can measure the plant’s soil moisture, temperature, light and transmit these data to an application.

I present acquainted with photoresistors and thermistors under power that react with various resistor values to dissimilar environmental impacts, for example, light and temperature change.

I present different kinds of soil moisture measuring then I chose the one which befits the most. It is the capacitance measure method when the measurement of soil's dielectric constant originates in capacitance measure. I have tested all the possible capacitance measures but I decided on an individual one. I have calibrated the soil moisture meter with gravimetric methods.

The device was created from a pre-produced and arranged printed circuit board and the appropriate items were chosen and soldered onto it. Its power is given by two AAA battery.

The sensor sends the measured data to a gateway with the help of a radio transmission module. creates an IP packet in the corresponding format from the data received and conveys it to the MQTT broker, to the ThingSpeak in my solution. I convert the unworked data into interpretable data on the platform with MATLAB scripts then I represent these data in a graphical form in the ThingSpeak.

One can track the condition of his or her plant with this device on the internet retroactively. The graph helps us to make optimal circumstances to our plant easier.


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