Development of an intelligent pressure meter

OData support
Dr. Sujbert László
Department of Measurement and Information Systems

Most of the companies usually possess a quite big vehicle fleet. The idea of knowing the exact location of these vehicles may come up. Sometimes it happens that the drivers use the cars owned by the companies for private aims, or what is even worse, they steal petrol, products, or items from the vehicle. To avoid these exact failures, a company called iData has been created, which is a GPS based vehicle tracking system, capable of supervising the companies’ fleets.

I have been taking part in this project. My task was to develop one component of the system. My exact work was to detect the emptying cargo of a cement transporting truck. I was given an earlier developed plan of a pressure gauge, but due to inconvenient circumstances and new expectations it soon became useless.

The new device has to resist the environmental impacts and the impairment as well. In my thesis I am going to introduce the designing process of this new device.

In the first part I am going to show the problems that actually created this document. As well, I am going to write about the expectations and the needs of this system, then about the mapping of the application area, and there is going to be some paragraphs about the analysis of the old pressure gauge probe. I have also made the detailed specification based on these aspects.

A bigger chapter is about the principle of measurement possibilities, how they actually work in practice, and about the sensor I choose based on my aspects. I am going to write about the difficulties that came to surface during the developing and then about the problems that may occur by purchasing the adequate sensor.

In the next chapters I am going to introduce the further pieces included in the circuits, as well as my exact aspects of choosing them. I am going to mention the switching of the main module and the aspects which caused difficulties during the developing. My aim is to address the problem from different viewpoints and solve it in the best possible way.

At the end of my thesis I am going to demonstrate the whole circuit, value my work, and write about the known mistakes, the possible new features, and improvement.


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