Desinging microcontroller controlled intelligent clock system

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Dr. Iváncsy Szabolcs
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

In our rapidly progressive world, microcontroller controlled embedded systems gain more and more ground each day. In our environment we use intelligent devices, which ease our daily routines and because of this there is a big demand for developing more of these devices in every field, so also in home electronics.

For example in a big building with many rooms it would be a real challenge to deploy clock units which are fully synchronised with each other and shows the right time. This task can be easily done by using an intelligent, embedded clock system that is capable of synchronizing and setting the clock units to the accurate time.

In my thesis I created an intelligent clock system like the above described. My task was to develop its hardware and software, then assembly and test every unit. To ensure that the system is user friendly it was also a task to create a program which provides possibility to communicate with the clock system via computer. Because the different clock units can be far from each other and cable link would not have been effective, I needed to establish radio communication between them. The later use of this thesis subject is that the implementation steps can be used in any similar kind of project.

During the realization of the task I gained insight into developing the hardware and software of multi module embedded systems. I got additional experience about computer and radio communication.


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