Managing smarthome components on Windows 8 devices

OData support
Dr. Zainkó Csaba
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Nowadays, the accessibility of the home automation hardwares and softwares are increased for everyone, letting anyone to build his smart home. This can be explained by the rapid development of the area; a few years ago only a few, fairly expensive solution existed, but today the participiants of the market already compete with each other. Man can find some costly, fully integrated and complete systems as separate, simpler, but cheaper devices too. Because of the rapid evolution of microprocessor-based systems the cost of available devices become more and more favorable, but the available and affordable universal softwares are mostly imperfect, and the development of these applications are dropped behind.

The currently available universal applications often do not adequately cover the needs of the users, as this is not in the interests of market participants in general. Those solutions, which can be used by laymen are usually tied to a specific device or system. Universal solutions are often understandable -and available- only for the competent persons.

During the semester my task was to create a smart home control software, which provides ease of operation and intuitive interface. My goal is to provide future solutions for those who do not want to dedicate themselves to the products of a single manufacturer, but who would like to get access to a well-designed application, which keeps pace with today's software solutions. In preparing this thesis I have created such an app, which can communicate with the smart home built in the Speech Technology and Intelligent Interaction Laboratory of Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics, BUTE. With the completed application, anyone can manage his home in a list view and a layout view, and if necessary, a layman can also change the layout or list. My application was tested and evaluated by external testers in usability and manageability viewpoints.


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