Managing smart home components on Android based devices

OData support
Dr. Zainkó Csaba
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Nowadays the importance of smart devices in our everyday life is increasing. The signs of this process can be found either in the cell phone or household appliances, but I can mention the innovations of cars and homes. We can distinguish of these smart system which aim to bringing closer the infomations to the user and createing new content, like smartphones and the smart TV’s. Another sort of smart systems is created to give intelligent funcitons to an existing device, which makes it easier to use or automatize it entirely, like smart homes and smart cars. The communication beetween the different parts of the smart systems is rudimentary or not always available. In this thesis I give a possible solution for the communication between smart homes and smartphone.

At the university department there is a smart home, which utilizes several types of sensors and control units. The state of these devices can be queried by a computer, and in some cases it offers the opportunity to command them.

My project was to make the above mentioned computer functions available on a portable device. To achieve this first I had to understand the existing system’s structure, opeation and messaging. With this information I was able to make a server application which can store the previous states of the sensors and the controllable units to a database, and is able to send the incoming messages to an other device, that is considered here a client. This device has became a tablet because it is portable, and is able to handle several types of communication protocolls, and we are able to create user interfaces focusing usability. The application which is the main task of my thesis is based on the Android operation system. It can communicate with the server application, can connect to the database and is able to provide the collected informations to the user. The ready-to-use application was successfully evaluated by several external users.


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