Systems design of a smart home

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Dr. Szabó Csaba Attila
Department of Networked Systems and Services

In my thesis, I summarize the main categories, applications, user requirements, available technologies and standards of the smart homes.

I have been presenting the Loxone system and a price comparison of the costs are also presented. I am planning a typical, but modern household electrical plan for this comparison.

I survey and present the typical home health monitoring applications and the technology, in particular for short-range wireless solutions. I show in detail the Zigbee technology, which I think is one of the most promising wireless technologies and can be based for future developments in the smart-home health monitoring combined issues.

I present the existing or ongoing projects and systems.

I am planning a system that exploits the capabilities of the various health monitoring applications and tools. I specify the tools you need and selecting the most appropriate ones for the purpose.

I am writing the compatibility of the smart home and home health monitoring devices and systems.

I appreciate the results and explain and how to continue the work. What I suggest improvements and guidelines for manufacturers and developers.


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