Smarthome controller

OData support
Lajtha András Balázs
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Home automation becomes available and affordable for more people. It not only gets cheaper, but easier to make our home smart. Still even more useful function is available for them. Thanks mostly to the smart phones, which are smart devices themselves, the companies which develop them can use a lot of their functions for their self-developed control unit.

In my paper I studied the different home automation solutions and compared its two most important types, the user-ready systems and the free to use openHAB smart home controller. Home automation concentrates on two fields: controlling the lightning and the heating system. While the lightning is mostly comfort service, because of the spread of the LED-bulbs, with the optimal control of the heating makes the home not only more comfortable, but compared to setting up the system, we can spare a significant amount of money if we save invested energy at the temperature changes. In the course of my work I implemented the whole heating system of a home. The first task was to build a thermostat which is controlled by an easily manageable and programmable Arduino microcontroller. It was followed by the configuration of the openHAB smart home controlling software which runs on a Raspberry Pi single-board computer, and writing a program to expand the functions. For the last task I designed the control of the intervention unit and tested the functions of the whole system. The system is easily manageable, there is no need to change anything in the server depending on the number of thermostats, only the IP address of the server is necessary at the first time.


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