Raspberry Pi smart home control

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Lajtha András Balázs
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

Today the market is flooded with smart devices: smart phones, cars, smart TVs, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators. But our homes are falling behind the growing number of these devices. In most households, a simple thermostat is the only device used for automation. A lot of time, energy and therefore money can be saved with just the optimization of heating and lighting alone.

In my thesis I have designed a smart home control system which is capable of handling services – such as heating, cooling and lighting – or individual devices, independently in all of the rooms of the house. The user has the option of creating different profiles and setting rules for services or individual devices. They can be used to define different heat profiles for each room, motion detector controlled lighting, or music playback based on the movement of the residents, the possibilities are endless. Taking the power and space requirements into account the prototype of the system runs on a Raspberry Pi mini PC. The controller communicates with the devices through a serial interface (using the RS232 protocol). The residents of the home can control the system via a web interface - also running on the Raspberry. The system stores the associated data in a SQLite database. The home control system is a software framework, which can be supplemented with an appropriate intelligent agent. With it, the system will be capable of complex internal evaluations - limited only by the Raspberry Pi's computing performance.


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