Development of an intelligent home control using wireless technology

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Moldován István
Department of Telecommunications and Media Informatics

The reason why I chose intelligent home control as the subject of my research is that I perceive an increasing desire to be able to construct and maintain one’s home in a financially as well as energetically economical way. As a response to this popular demand, I devised the realization of a smart system which provides an answer to the problems described above and, beyond that, it also helps people’s lives with new functions that had not yet been accessible.

In my thesis, I looked at the existing solutions and the relevant protocols that enable wireless communication. I made a register of the functions which a traditional home control normally lacks, and I specified my own system on the basis of the outcome. After this, the design of my home control system was presented, which was followed by testing the realization.

My realization of an intelligent home control makes economical use of the resources of one’s home, solves tasks of convenience or even of security; besides, it can easily be installed at any time. In case it eventually gets on the market, my solution―being a system that is easily and simply scalable―will target an average middle class public who is especially interested in a short time lag before the payback of a system.


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