Integration of intelligent systems with healt sensory applications

OData support
Dr. Forstner Bertalan
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

With the accelerating spread of the Internet, more and more devices are becoming so called smart devices. In this thesis I present the design, and development of a software aimed at integrating a healthcare measurement system with intelligent systems and devices, and enabling it to take advantages of the services of such systems and devices.

These devices posess the capability to connect to networks such as the Internet, and usually measure and store data relevant to their users about their environment. It is possible to use the capability of such devices in a way, that they provide data about the environment of the healtcare system’s user. As a result, these devices will function as sensors collecting ambient data, but they are special, because the use of such sensors do not cost extra money to set up, because the process uses sensors of intelligent devices already owned by the subject.

I am looking into solutions to design an application, which can be easily extended with components that make the program capable of communicating with more devices, thus ensuring a wider variety of possible integration.

I also investigate what kind of design choices can ensure, that the healthcare system only needs to be modified by the least possible amount because of the new application.


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