Intelligent sensor design for mobile robots

OData support
Varga Dániel
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

RobonAUT is a competition organized by the Department of Automation and Applied Informatics. Competing students have to build and program a robot which is able to carry out the tasks listed in the instructions. Contestants have only one semester, which, in some cases, does not prove to be enough to solve this complex task. The Department would like to offer complete hardware units to foster quicker development and better results.

In my thesis, I introduce the development and mounting of a construction which fulfills the requirements of the competition. The structure consists of a central unit, sensors and actuators. If needed, the system can be extended by joining additional parts. Sensors can manage various channels of communication, therefore they can be connected to other standalone devices. Initial information and instructions during operation can be sent to the devices using a serial line terminal.

In the last chapter I mention possible ideas for further development and set long distance goals for the future.


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