Intelligent software based fault injection

OData support
Dr. Pataricza András
Department of Measurement and Information Systems


Experimental validation, particularly in the case of critical applications, is a part

of testing where typical faults are injected to the system by different methods.

The aim of the project is to create a universal “intelligent” test software which

provides a wide range of testing possibilities in a high level of abstraction. To achieve

this aim, a structure has to be created that is able to support the general processing and

analysis of the test results.

The project intends to develop a general test software solution based on data

analysis and using the csXception test software by Critical Software.

The subject of the data analysis is the output of a tested software, which is a

benchmark software that is appropriate for the purpose of the project, and the diagnostic

outputs of the test software. The chosen benchmark is modified by fault injection.

A part of the project is the selection of the tested software, the customization of

the test environment, and the creation of the test architecture and the analyzable test


For the evaluation of the test results based on the defined requirements, an a

posteriori data analyzer software for general purposes has been created.

The software ensures the possibility of the processing of test results, analyzes

the efficiency of the tests and provides a general interface for the analysis of the results

by built-in intelligence.

The efficiency of the software is demonstrated by a data analysis project.


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