Development of intelligent RC car with mobile phone integration

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Dr. Csorba Kristóf
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

The topic of my thesis is modifying a toy remote controlled car in a way, that its capabilities expand with motion-detection and navigation functions. The goal was enabling the car to control its own motion, to measure the visited path, to estimate its momentary position and to detect nearby obstacles. These additive functions make intelligent remote control operation or autonomous behavior possible. The first task was reviewing the possible functions, that an intelligent remote controlled car can have, and also the related software and hardware needs for each of them. Later I selected the most promising ones among these functions to implement.

The car has been mechanically transformed and all the electronics have been redesigned and replaced. After producing and assembling the printed circuits, I started developing the embedded software to access the low level functions. This was necessary for implementing higher level operation, comprising a method to continuously calculate the momentary position and speed of the car, a method to follow waypoints using the momentary position information, and a method to modify the calculated route to avoid obstacles.

The last part of my task was developing a client application for mobile phones. Its main role is to continuously communicate with the car through a wireless communication protocol. By doing that, the application is capable of controlling the operation of the car, and continuously observing its measured and calculated data.


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