Intelligent, map-based buying guide portal for GWT

OData support
Imre Gábor
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Within the framework of my master's thesis, I would like to present a Google Web Toolkit (GWT) based web application development. Since a web application can be accessed through a web browser, the well-proven technologies of the desktop application development can not be used, and have to adapt to the often cumbersome, outdated web standards as HTML and JavaScript. The GWT overcomes this by allowing the application client side code to be developed in Java. Java is a modern, widely used, general-purpose programming language, thus realizing all the benefits of modern programming techniques for client-side during development, which is more transparent, easier to modify, and may produce a more testable result.

The application is a map-based buying guide portal, where users can search, and purchase products, and can effectively optimize their purchases by entering complex search parameters. During development of the client-side part, I used the GWT-s latest innovations, such as Activities and Places framework, based on the Google-recommended Model-View-Presenter design pattern. The user interface elements are created using a GWT based component library, the GXT.The client-server communication is delegated to an RPC mechanism which implements a command design pattern. The persistent storage of the application's data is provided by a MySQL database.

The first part of my thesis I present a development environment, in brief I review the used technologies and the architectural structure of the application. In the second part, the concrete implementation is discussed, showing the functionality of the application, and the extension possibilities. The third section summarizes the experiences.


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