Intelligent Queue Managment System with Smartphone Support

OData support
Dr. Ekler Péter
Department of Automation and Applied Informatics

Queue management and ticketing systems are often outdated and do not rely on the communication and notification opportunities that mobile devices can provide. Besides, they are less capable of intelligent functions based on usage statistics. Thus, there is need for a solution that helps to reduce and conduct waiting time. The aim of this thesis is to simplify queuing and queue-management and improve its user experience by the tools of mobile communication.

In this paper, I study the prospects of a queue management system, and present the implementation process of a reservation and queue management system that meet the requirements listed above. Components of the system are the Smartphone clients for Android and iOS platforms, the server background and related online administrational and operational interface, as well as physical tools, such as display panels and a ticket vending machine attached to an Android kiosk client. I analyse usage statistics and predictions with business intelligence and data-mining tools.

I pay attention to introduce the designing and implementation process of relating mobile software along specific considerations, such as designing ergonomic user interfaces, choosing the appropriate communication protocol, designing an architecture that properly separates concerns, development solutions related to application development and mobile device specific functions, user behaviour analytics solutions and distribution supporting test solutions of mobile applications. I also use modern JavaScript language tools like ECMAScript 6 or TypeScript for Node.js server and based online interface.

From the predictability perspective of reservation and waiting time handling, I managed to implement forecasting solutions. All used development techniques proved to be effective and progressive, although the active development process of mobile platforms and the early stage of certain frameworks caused the application’s codebase needed to be frequently transformed.


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