Intelligent control unit for solar system

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Dr. Pilászy György
Department of Control Engineering and Information Technology

The topic of my thesis is the design of an embedded control module. The module is connected to the other intelligent modules of the distributed control system via CAN bus and controls them. The control module is designed to control a hydraulic solar collector system.

The introduction is about the actuality of the topic, and describes a typical hydraulic solar collector system.

The second chapter summarizes the previously designed modules of the distributed control system, and tells the advantages and disadvantages of them, as well as the importance of the topic.

The third chapter details the electric and hardware design of the control module. It describes the power supply and peripherals connected to the microcontroller.

The fourth chapter is about the software of the control module. It details the initialization of the system, the functionning of the connected peripherals, such as the SD card and the LCD display, the menu and the control algorithm.

The fifth chapter is the short instruction sheet of the control module.

The sixth chapter lists some possible further improvements of the control module.


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